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The JP Morgan Healthcare Conference and Indiana’s Life Sciences Ecosystem



Mike Bolinder, Senior Vice President, External Engagement & Chief Innovation Officer, BioCrossroads

A few weeks ago, I attended the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. It’s the largest annual event of its kind that draws more than 10,000 people from across healthcare and the life sciences. The event attracts investors, senior government officials, industry leaders, Fortune 100 companies, and private startups alike.

The conference is a haven for deal making, but leaders also gather for crucial conversations about market trends, medical innovation, and how to grow the life sciences. Two key takeaways were apparent to me: continued interest in what Indiana can offer, and a potential for improved access to capital for life sciences companies in 2024.

On day one, BioCrossroads teamed up with three leading organizations from the Hoosier state, Barnes & Thornburg, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, and Elevate Ventures, to host an Indiana life sciences lunch and learn at the Cavalier restaurant. It was an excellent venue for organizations from both inside and outside Indiana to network and connect, giving us a chance to elevate Indiana’s heritage, strengths, and opportunities for those with an interest in doing business here.

The event included a panel discussion with life sciences leaders from Indiana, including Derek Small, founder of Luson Bioventures, and Scott Byrd, CEO of Sudo Biosciences. They shared their perspectives on starting and growing biopharmaceutical companies in the state, each highlighting the therapeutic focus of their organizations. They both also touched on the critical topics of access to talent and capital, along with other advantages that make Indiana a good home.

The event was well received, with 40 leaders from both inside and outside Indiana on hand, including venture capital investors and startup accelerators with an interest in the Hoosier state.

More broadly, the investor sentiment and discussions were characterized by cautious optimism for the sector, which may forecast a better market for raising capital and conducting mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activities in 2024. Metabolic and weight loss drugs, therapies for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases, and advances in oncology, like radiopharmaceuticals were among the hotter topics, and these are distinct areas of strength for Indiana and may become helpful tailwinds for us. There also were discussions about the future of AI and LLM, and how these advances can be integrated into the sector.

The collaboration and mutual support that make Indiana successful were on display in San Francisco, reinforcing our position as a pivotal player in the global life sciences industry. Barnes & Thornburg, IEDC, Elevate Ventures, and a contingent of Indiana companies partnered with BioCrossroads to make these conversations and connections possible. Together, we must continue to drive awareness of the strengths we possess to accelerate the growth of this important sector in Indiana.

To learn more about the The 42nd Annual Healthcare Conference, visit JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

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