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Life Sciences IN Indiana

The Center of Excellence and Innovation

Indiana is among the top regions in the U.S. for life sciences activity, boasting statistics that rival coastal hubs and gaining national recognition for our sector's impact on transforming global health. 

Industry Impact

BioCrossroads has seized an opportunity to do more with the state’s life sciences corporate and academic assets and bolster tremendous growth in the sector by building unique collaborations, marketing its strengths, igniting a capital market, moving research from the laboratory to the patient, and developing a one-of-a-kind institute to accelerate research and commercialization.

Discover Indiana

Impact In Indiana

2023: By the Numbers

Indiana's life sciences industry is gaining strength as a global life sciences leader. Our robust ecosystem, strategic partnerships, and strong investments are propelling Indiana to the forefront of medical advancements and transforming global health. 


Patents granted


New FDA approvals


Venture capital funding


Venture capital deals

Our Initiatives

Starting from a firm foundation of proven academic and industry assets, BioCrossroads has launched several businesses and industry and academic collaborations across the life sciences ecosystem, who exist to pursue new and innovative opportunities. 

Indiana's Life Sciences Ecosystem

Learn more about the top life sciences companies that call Indiana home.