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Book of Data and Organizations

A census of major health and health-related data, capabilities and talent in Indiana.

Data, Talent, and Technology: Driving Collaboration in Life Sciences

There are tremendous data, talent, and technology resources available within Indiana’s industry, government, health systems, academia, and digital health startups, giving Indiana a unique opportunity to innovate and collaborate together for better health outcomes and life sciences research.

This Book of Data and Organizations has been created to chronicle the assets Indiana has at the health-data intersection to help improve the coordination of these organizations and those that work with them.

It includes snapshots of organizations who control data assets – data sets, data talent, and/or data technology – as well as cross-organizational initiatives. It also includes how these assets can be accessed. The organization profiles include:

  • Who has what data? How can this data be accessed?
  • Where does the data analysis talent reside?
  • What data technologies and capabilities exist?
  • What are the key projects currently in process?
  • What are the future projects and opportunities for engagement?

If you are interested in having your organization or initiative included, please contact Darshan Shah at

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