Impact of IHIE on health care, Indiana’s economy continues to grow.
(INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., February 21, 2007) – The Indiana Health Information Exchange announced today that it has ‘graduated’ from the Indiana University Emerging Technologies Center, a business incubator run by the university. The company is now located at 846 N. Senate Avenue., Suite 300 in Indianapolis.
IHIE’s need for additional office space and the success of its two main business services necessitates the move. Generally, companies that have a track record of financial stability for 12-18 months in an incubator are required to ‘graduate’ from the facility.
Since its launch in 2004 by BioCrossroads, Indiana’s life sciences initiative, the Regenstrief Institute, regional hospitals and other prominent state and local organizations, IHIE has been a shining example of the collaborative effort in Indiana to grow and support the state’s robust life sciences industry.
IHIE has been recognized around the country and by several high-level government leaders as one of the nation’s leading efforts to help curtail rising healthcare costs. It is also supporting Indiana’s life sciences economy; IHIE expects to have a total of over 40 employees by the end of 2007.
“Because of tremendous community collaboration and leadership from all of our partners, IHIE has been able to positively impact the way patients in central Indiana are treated,” said Dr. Marc Overhage, President and Chief Executive officer of IHIE. “We are eager to continue to expand our services throughout Indiana – and beyond. The importance of health information technology cannot be overstated in helping control health care costs.”
IHIE continues to run one of the nation’s most well-respected clinical messaging systems; over 4,000 Indianapolis-area physicians are receiving, on average, one million messages each month, saving $6 million per year by eliminating duplicate tests and administrative costs. IHIE is currently working with other Indiana communities including Lafayette to implement its clinical messaging system. Clinical messaging provides better overall care for patients by providing physicians with a more complete and updated patient record.
The company recently launched its new clinical quality service, called Quality Health 1st, which provides information to Indianapolis-area physicians to assist them in improving the quality and consistency of care they provide to their patients.
“Health care information is one of the real signature strengths of Indiana,” said David Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer of BioCrossroads. “Our future success will depend on furthering groundbreaking discoveries and improving health care through better and more efficient information.”
IHIE also participates in federal health and disease management research support, which allows them to be at the forefront of developing technology and standards for electronic medical health records that could one day impact the lives of all Americans. It is this combination of technological expertise and access to one of the nation’s richest datasets, through its clinical messaging and clinical quality services, that will enable IHIE to make health information relevant to patients, physicians and the entire health care system.
“The IU Emerging Technologies Center has a long history of supporting successful start-ups like the Indiana Health Information Exchange,” said Mark Long, President and Chief Executive Officer of the IU Emerging Technologies Center. “We are thrilled that yet another one of our tenants is able to make that leap into the marketplace. It shows that IHIE is a solid business, with the potential to grow even more.”
About the Indiana Health Information Exchange
Indiana Health Information Exchange, Inc. (IHIE), a non-profit corporation for sharing clinical information among healthcare providers and other health care entities. The company uses a sophisticated, secure information exchange designed to protect patient privacy while at the same time enhancing the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery.