Carmel, IN — April 19, 2018 — FAST BioMedical announced today the recent issuance of U.S. Patent number 9,938,410 covering Novel Rhodamine Dyes and Conjugates. This patent provides additional intellectual property protection around FAST BioMedical’s proprietary injectable for rapidly determining blood volume in patients with potentially life-threatening conditions. The ability to measure and manage blood volume is vitally important in patients with heart failure, sepsis, and other acute and chronic conditions. Currently, there are no FDA approved products for rapidly determining and following a patient’s blood volume at the point of care.

FAST BioMedical is pleased to add this patent to its extensive portfolio of over 60 patents worldwide, 38 of which have issued. The technologies, methods, devices, and compositions of matter covered represent the core of FAST BioMedical’s foremost product specifically designed to provide rapid, accurate, and repeatable measurements of blood volume.

“We are extremely proud of the culture of innovation at FAST BioMedical, which has led to an exceptionally strong intellectual property position for the company.” said Jim Strickland, FAST BioMedical founder and one of the inventors on this new patent. “We have an extraordinary and dedicated team of people, and we are constantly questioning convention and asking how we can improve our technologies.” As a result of continual innovation, FAST BioMedical has patent coverage for core technologies that extends to 2036.

About FAST BioMedical

 FAST BioMedical is a private, clinical-stage medical technology company in Carmel, Indiana. The company’s globally patented, first-in-class technology directly measures blood volume and kidney function in a clinically actionable way. This has the potential for profound impact on care of heart failure, cardio-renal, major surgery, sepsis, critical care, and kidney disease patients. The company has been financially supported by the NIH, Elevate Ventures, the Indiana 21st Century Fund, Rose- Hulman Ventures, BioCrossroads, Indiana University Medical Group, The Purdue Foundry Fund, Ellipsis Ventures, VisionTech Partners, and private family office investors. The FDA has determined the company’s technology met the requirements for an Expedited Review. These products are investigational and not yet approved for human use.

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