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As part of the Frameworx event platform, BioCrossroads introduces a scientific series of events where leading researchers deliver rich content on the exciting innovations happening right here in Indiana. From genetic engineering to micro biomes and big data, these sessions will explore cutting-edge research happening at our universities, companies and the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute.

Although the content will have a heavier focus on sciences versus business, industry influencers from all areas will learn a great deal about the quest to discovery of novel therapies for diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

The first Frameworx Scientific Session will take place Tuesday, March 28, from 8:00-10 a.m. at the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute – Single Cell Technology – unlocking the answers to metabolic diseases.

In this session, research fellow and director of the new IBRI Bioanalytics Core Laboratory, Dr. Michael Pugia, will share his fascinating discoveries in single cell technology. His research focuses on finding and developing tools to isolate individual cells for evaluation of a variety of different biological conditions. The implications of Dr. Pugia’s findings could identify new targets for the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics for many diseases including cancer and diabetes.

In addition Alan Wright, chief medical officer for Roche Diagnostics Corporation will discuss the commercialization of single cell technology and David Broecker, president and CEO of the IBRI, will shed light on the Research Fellows program and the important work happening in the new Bioanalytics Core Lab at IBRI.

Following presentations, speakers will participate in an audience Q&A.

Please note we are at a new location for this session!

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