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Smart phones and other connected devices are enabling digitization and data collection within the health industry. The Internet of Health/Medical Things (IoH/MT) is already allowing development of new digital diagnostics and biomarkers for diseases that currently rely heavily on observational or self-reported data such as cognitive decline, neurodegeneration, or pain.

However, confirming the digital data to assess or predict a patient’s disease state is still a challenge. Experiments and validation studies are essential to be able to reliably use this technology in support of clinical trials or patient treatment.

In this Frameworx session, disease and industry experts will be discussing how they work to understand digital biomarkers and how they may transform the health assessment and treatment of patients – all of which is leading to new innovations in digital health:

  • Chris Economos, vice president, business development, physIQ
  • Bruce Lamb, Ph.D., executive director, Stark Neurosciences Research Institute
    Roberts Family Chair in Alzheimer’s disease research; professor, medical & molecular genetics, IU School of Medicine
  • Daniel Robertson, Ph.D., research fellow, vice president of digital technology, and director of the Applied Data Sciences Center, Indiana Biosciences Research Institute
  • Maurice Vincent, M.D., Ph.D., medical fellow, neuroscience research, medical neuroscience, Eli Lilly and Company

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